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Written by Matty Jetman   
Friday, 26 November 2010 13:13

Atom live shotLo-fi: What things influence Atom and his Package (music or anything else)?

Atom: Friends and enemies I suppose. I think about them both a lot.


Lo-Fi: What is your band philosophy and/or motto?

"Quick, where do I put this throw-up?"


Lo-Fi: How would you describe yourself to someone who had lived on a desert island since they were born without ever listening to any music ever?

"It's kinda like... err... I guess it's... err... nevermind."


Lo-Fi: What is your No.1 must have?

My bicycle.


Lo-Fi: Thing you hate most about the world?



Lo-Fi: What is you favourite song of all time?

Wow... That's an impossible task, but Banging the Door by Public Image Limited is a neat-o song.


Lo-Fi: In the UK people have a lot of hang-ups over the state of the music scene girl/boy bands and nu-metal. Is the US music scene just the same? Does it worry you at all?

I don't really worry about it... I have never had a period of time where I couldn't find any more records to shop for and listen to. I suppose if that day comes, I'll start to worry about it. As far as the US music scene having hang ups about girl/boy bands and nu-metal... I don't know... I suppose some people can't stand that stuff, and some are into it... I suppose it's pretty popular generally here...but it's not THAT hard to avoid.


Lo-Fi: Also in the UK a greengrocer is being taking to court cause he refuses to switch over from imperial to metric weights. Is he an outdated relic or in tune with the times?

I think he should be executed. Unfortunately, there are sacrifices to be made... but in the end, we'll all be better off. Please give him my regards and my condolences.


Atom live againHere are a few who/what's better questions


Lo-Fi: Bangers and Mash or Fish and Chips?

Chip Naans are actually best food from England. I can't wait to get back to Manchester... I will induce diarrhea again and again.


Lo-Fi: Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan?

Who are they?


Lo-Fi:  Marlyn Monroe or James Dean?



Lo-Fi: Quincy or Columbo?

Columbo... such hairy eyebrows.


Lo-Fi: Dogs or Cats?

Dogs... hell yes.


Lo-Fi: Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup or Mojo Jojo?

That sentence has no verbs in it, so I refuse to answer it. (this means, I have no idea what you're talking about)


Lo-Fi: The 80's or 90's?

90's... we got to see the downfall of Metallica, and Slayer, which was really funny to me and a lot of friends.


Lo-Fi: Pints or litres?

Are you insane? Litres (though spelled just a little differently)... fuck a pint.

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